How should a successful package be?

When it comes to “packaging design” in our country, more technical issues come to mind than design.
Nowadays, the widespread of shopping centers and the parallel consumption madness increase the need for packaging design. There is no time for consumers to inspect all the products of the shelves and shoppers. Therefore the buyer usually exhibits a typical behavior.

Physical and visual structure of the package, including information on 2-3 sec. With the purchase decision in it, a product reveals the recognition and success of other similar products on the raft.

How should a successful package be?
Notice of similar products offered for sale in the ratings, priority in preference, a good packaging with the physical structure gives the following messages;This product is very tasty, healthy, protected, manufactured by a reliable and attentive company, There are no substances that will threaten your health…

If you look at the shelves when you go shopping, you can find a lot of packages telling you a lot of things in a matter of seconds.

Good packaging; It also reveals the differences in the product, while supporting and enhancing the quality of the product, the added value and identity it provides.

We can also sort out what should be in a package as follows;

  • It should keep the product clean, pollution and prevent other microorganisms from infecting the food.
  • Should keep the food losses at the lowest level, the maximum protector should be.
  • It should be easy to transport. The shape, size and weight of the package are important.
  • It must preserve the original shape, size and weight of the food.
  • The contents of the food on the packaging material must contain a label that specifies the optimal use and retention conditions.
  • Packaging material should be designed and used in the best way to represent the product in an attractive way.
  • At first glance you should provide information about the product .You should not leave people in doubt about what happened.

Package design and specifications

Packaging; It is defined as the outer cover made of metals, paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, etc., which protects the products from external influences, keeping them together, facilitating transportation, storage, distribution, promotion and marketing. In fact, packaging is a garment that contains all the necessary beauties to prepare the consumer for the purchasing action.

Protective outer packaging

Protective outer packaging

Packaging is engaged in all stages of developments in the production, sale and distribution of perishable consumer goods. The expansion of super markets after the 2000s, urbanization movements, the dissemination of touristic facilities, the spread of packaged food consumption culture to the whole world, the overall economic vitality and growth rate as the composition of factors such as the packaging sector Advanced.
The packaging covers the design and manufacture of the item in which the product will be placed or coated. The product consists of a secondary package that surrounds it with its container or bottle (e.g. olive oil bottle) and is discarded by the introduction of the product. In short, the packaging is the preservative in which the product is found (e.g. in the carton box containing the olive oil bottle). In addition, there is a separate package for transport, which prevents and ensures that this product is damaged during transport (for example: a box made of corrugated cardboard, where several dozen olive oil bottles are together). Tagging is also part of the package and contains the written information on the package.