Elements used in suspended ceilings

The aluminum suspended ceilings are robust and durable, allowing them to be long-lasting. A suspended pan that will be used without problems for many years is of the essence of the elements to be used to provide it. Aluminum suspended ceiling manufacturer companies recommended for the System series, the production and assembly of aluminum suspended ceilings should be done.

Aluminium suspended ceiling Conveyor profiles

The carrier profiles used in the production of aluminium suspended ceilings are the profiles used to create the construction bearing the suspended ceiling system. on carrier profiles; There are nails that enable the Panel, cassette, medium recording profile, lighting fixture, etc., and are available in special holes to attach to the carrying strap. The carrier profiles are designed to prevent the collapse of the frying pan by providing an expansion during a fire, with the help of a set of canals and holes on them.
The shape, size and functionality of the carrier profile varies depending on the design of the manufacturer. From the carrier profiles in all systems; The future is expected to carry the burden of suspended ceiling, to be strength in the sword, do not stand, the nails on the sturdy and aluminum panels and tapes are fully grasped. Commonly, carrier profiles are manufactured from galvanised steel, which is resistant to corrosion.
Carrier profiles used in cassette and panel suspended ceilings The elements used in the suspended ceiling construction
Figure 1.3: Conveyor profiles used in cassette and panel suspended ceilings

Aluminum suspended ceiling carrying strap

In the production of aluminium suspended ceilings, carrier profiles are called transport hangers to the elements used to connect to the normal ceiling. Although the suspension tool is not visible after installation, it is the most important part of the quality and durability of the pan. Carrying straps, shape, size and functionality differ depending on the design of the manufacturer. The hanger tools to be used in the ceiling system must be corrosion resistant, so they must be manufactured from stainless steel or galvanised steel. Examine the shape.
 Figure 1.4: Examples of carrying hangers used in the production of aluminum suspended ceilings


Conveyor Hanger team; The part that will be screwed to the normal ceiling, the butterfly steel spring, the carrier rod and the bearing profile consists of nails to hold. The suspended pan to be produced is used in the adjustment and bonding of the range measurement to the normal ceiling, and these rods must be manufactured from galvanised steel at least 4 mm diameter. Butterfly Steel Spring; The carrier bar consists of a mechanism for holding and adjusting the jeans between the carrier and the nail that connects to the profile. The butterfly spring must be in a sturdy structure and should not slip when applied to the load. The carrier suspension tool must be resistant to at least 60 kg of tensile force.
During suspended ceiling mounting, the carrying strap must be connected to the normal ceiling with a maximum of 125 cm intermediate. Hanger tools should be preferred in the selection of hanger sets manufactured by the manufacturer or in accordance with the quality of the system. As a result of improper or improperly used hangers, crashes or unwanted fluctuations in the frying pan may occur.

Medium recording profiles used in aluminium suspended cassette ceiling system

The medium recording profiles used in the aluminium suspended cassette ceiling system are auxiliary profiles that are used to be placed in accordance with the dimensions of the aluminum cassettes and connected to the carrier profiles. Today’s production of aluminum suspended cassette ceilings made of the carrier profiles opened at certain distances to the channels, the end of the middle registration profiles in the ends of the locking of the clips are carried out. Medium registration profiles must be the same as the main carrier profile properties, the system must be interlocking and resistant to corrosion.
Figure 1.5: Medium recording profile and usage in suspended cassette ceiling system

Edge profiles used in aluminium suspended ceilings

When the mounting workmanship is completed in the aluminium suspended ceilings, these sections must be concealed because the parts of the wall edges do not give an aesthetic good image. Therefore, the edge profiles made of aluminum material must be used for the closure of the edges on the denim scale of the suspended pan. Edge profiles should be mounted on the wall scale at a maximum of 60 cm.
Figure 1.6: Edge profiles used in aluminium suspended ceilings

Ceiling accessories used in aluminum suspended ceilings

Aluminum suspended ceilings; In the case of use of lighting, sound, fire detector, camera, ventilation etc., the manufacturer’s system details should be considered and manufactured and assembled accordingly. If there are special apparatus for connecting the units to be used, they should be taken into consideration
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